Social Media


Small to medium size business owners marketing is not difficult. Now, to some this may come as a surprise and to those that already have everything nailed down, well good for you. However, for those that are to busy managing a business to take marketing into consideration, you my friends, are making a grave mistake.

Lets start somewhere simple like social media. Facebook and Twitter, just about everybody uses them but I talk to countless business owners that don’t utilize it. Even if you are older and not sure how everything works, ask someone from a younger generation to give you a hand or better yet have one of your employees (receptionists are great) take a handle on your social media.

You have to understand that people are constantly checking there Facebook and Twitter. So your post will show up in their notifications. Start by adding a post a day, those following you will be notified of this, which will help create top of mind awareness. This is FREE advertising!



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