img_8948Every day I am surprised at how many businesses do not have websites. I am even more taken back by business owners who don’t think they need them. This is 2016 people, you need a website.

As a consumer the first place I look for a business is online. Showing up at a business simply to find that they don’t have or offer what I require is something that I can’t afford. Neither I nor other busy Americans have a second to waste.

So what do you need to do? You need to build a website. The content is extremely important because you have on average about 18 seconds to capture your readers attention before they move elsewhere.

First, make sure you website is mobile friendly. A customer will not waste time trying to tackle your website on their smart phone if the next business online has an easy to use mobile friendly website.

Second, have a your name and number in bold letters with a strong call to action. Trying to find a phone number at the bottom of the page is frustrating. Also, include you location and make it easy so they can click on your address and it will go straight to their google maps on their phone.

Third, include your hours of operation, there is nothing more annoying then reaching a business just to find out they are closed.

Lastly, be professional. I cannot stress this enough! Your website is a direct reflection of your business. The content and information that you share on your website will greatly influence your customers buying decisions, so make it count.


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