Search Engine Optimization, is it a scam that companies tell you they will help with to get you to sign up with programs you don’t want? Or is it something that you as a business owner need to understand and participate in?

Well, the idea did not come out of nowhere, there is grounding for SEO. The importance of Search Engine Optimization is that it allows your business to be found on major search engines in what marketing we call the “Organic Section”. The organic section of search engines are the non-paid advertisers that show up for a variety of different reasons. Since this sections is on SEO and not SEM we will cover some of the discerning factors in your placement on search engines.



Your relevance online is a determining factor of your placement. So what makes you relevant?There are billions of websites across the web, many sites offer free listings online.Well, sign away!! All those sites will effect your your search results. The more your business information that is spread across the web the better your results on search engines. Now, this is not as simple as it sounds. You need to check to make sure that your business listings are accurate. Old listings that have misinformation can hurt your results.


Now, from my previous posts I think that this would be a no-brainer. You NEED a website. Do not expect your business to show up all over the internet because you have one paid listing online and no website. It takes work but it is well worth the effort.

Mobile Friendly

So remember in my previous blog where I told you that your customers are not going to want to “tackle” a website that is not mobile-friendly? Well turns out Google agrees. If your website is not mobile friendly it is going to negatively impact your search engine results.


So, this coincides with relevance. This normally goes without saying, but if you were not aware; your location listed will effect where you show up online. For instance, if I were to search for business that offered Pet Grooming in Houston, TX. I would expect that businesses that offer that service in Houston would populate and a business in Washington D.C. would not. Therefore, make sure your business address and phone number are correct!






7 thoughts on “SEO

  1. These suggestions seem to apply mostly to “Local SEO” (search engine optimization for businesses that cater to local customers). Even with Local SEO, there’s no reason to add you site to every website that will take it. The question to ask yourself is “Do I think my potential customers will find this listing and possibly end up on my site?” In most cases, a listing in an industry-specific “niche” directory is better due to the relevance. The most important ‘local listings’ are from sites you have heard of, in the U.S. that’s being listed on the maps of Google, Bing and Yahoo and sites like Yelp!, Yellow Pages, Manta etc.

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    • Thank you for reading and you are correct. I work with mainly local businesses and have a few national accounts. With that being said, it goes both ways, but as you said the goal is to have the customer end up on your site. The point would be not to discredit a site simply because it is a small local site. It’s not where you personally are looking, it is where your customers are going to be looking.


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